AER Quality Ltd is an air quality consultancy focused on the development sector (residential, retail and industrial) and provides customer focused consultancy advice for air quality assessments and EIA air quality chapters.

AER Quality limited provides a one stop solution for all air quality assessments and offer a range of services to support clients needs:

  • Air quality assessments and EIA air quality chapters;
  • Air dispersion modelling from road and industrial sources;
  • Environmental permit applications and supporting air quality services;
  • Dust assessments and odour management assessment;
  • Air quality monitoring studies.

The effects of atmospheric emissions on our environment are undeniable, and the control of air pollution is critical, with effects ranging from climate change, increased levels of mortality, to nuisance and loss of amenity episodes.

Consequently, the accuracy of the data that supports the air quality assessment is critical to protect both your investment and the health of members of the public.

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